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 About Us...   Complete Car repair and service - We're not just tires.

 Specialties... We specialize in customer service. We are here to make sure that not only is your car in perfect repair, but we make every effort to make sure you are completely satisfied.

National Tire & Brakes
181 Nassau Blvd
Garden City South, NY - 11530
Tel: 516-481-7133
Fax: 516-481-7134
 Hours of Operation:
Monday     8:00A - 7:00P
Tuesday     8:00A - 7:00P
Wednesday     8:00A - 7:00P
Thursday     8:00A - 7:00P
Friday     8:00A - 7:00P
Saturday     8:00A - 7:00P
 Credit Processing: 

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